Modul8 3 Crack With Serial Key Download Free

Modul 8 Version 3 Crack With Keygen Full Version Download

Modul8 3 Crack With Serial Key Download Free let you unlock a tool that is designed for real-time video mixing and composition. If you are a VJ or live performer then it is a software you need to get right now. It brings a very simple yet innovative user interface that has 10 different layers where as each layers brings its own settings, effects and medias. You are able to mix, move, copy or re-order layers according to your own requirement. You are able to enjoy full keyboard support i.e. link any key to an element of user interface and then do the real performance magic.

Modul 8 Crack Full Version Download With Serial Key User Interface

Modul 8 has proved the most efficient tool for the users who want to do video composition and mixing as  VJs, contemporary artists, live performers, theater artists or video producers.

Modul8 3 Crack Activation Code Free

In addition, you can get a chance to grab full-midi support that brings three mapping modes i.e. active layer, layer set and per layer. You can link any midi message to layer and then make the changes you really like in your videos with the mean of Modul 8 Crack full version download. Do any setting you like, save it and then load it when you start using this tool the next time.

When it comes to video composition , you will enjoy full control over this application. Edit, re-order and move media layer whenever you like wherever you want. Add attractive animation and graphics with realistic effects to make your video stand out from the crowd.

You can make the most from all hardware you have with the help of Modul 8 activation key. It let you use two or more process just to generate a high quality video composition. It takes full advantage of GPU and shaders of your video card, so you get the best possible video output all the time. This tool will let you enjoy multi-projection and you can’t avail this facility with any other video mixing tool at all.

Modul 8 version 3 crack allows you to get access to hundreds of filters and affects which let you do the best video mixing and composition. Get advanced 3d transformations , CoreImage and Freeframe Filters,etc

Modul8 3 Crack With keygen Features

  •  Supports almost all 2D medias including all quicktime codecs, live video capture, flash 5 animation and all the most common 2D image formats.
  • Import full per-pixel transparency (as long as the media supports it).
  • Works in 32 bits ARGB color space.
  • Modulate in real-time all the color channels using substractive/additive factors in order to change color or global transparency level.
  • Apply five different types of luma-keys to generate real time per-pixel transparency on your media.
  • Advanced chroma-key support in Modul 8 Patch
  • Works in full resolution for both the media and the final composition. (no scale down of the resolution ).
  • CoreImage and FreeFrame plug-ins support allowing the usage of hundreds of external filters.
  • Real time filters for contrast and saturation that can be inversed to obtain negative effects.
  • Two real-time blur filters.
  • Two real-time brightness filters with Modul 8 License key
  • Flexible noise filter (on color or alpha-channel).
  • Three-dimensional matrix transformer.
  • Map your movie on a three-dimensional patch and apply transformations like displacement mapping, reshape (sphere, cylinder), including several fill modes like wire frame or points.
  • Apply sound input curves to the three-dimensional patch.
  • Per-layer logical record allowing the recording and the replay of per-layer user actions.
  • Global logical record that let you records hours of mix at no CPU and disk space cost.
  • Render the logical record to a quicktime movie.
  • Direct capture mode allowing you to render to a quicktime movie while you are mixing.
  • Change the speed and the play direction of your movie.
  • Set the loop mode type of your movie : normal, loop or ping-pong after Modul8 download.
  • Spatial transformation of your movie on three different axis allowing perspective, scale, rotation, translation, etc.
  • Automatic motion and colorisation of the media with full control over speed, rate, space, and size.
  • Automatic effects can all be combined together.
  • Create tiled mirrors of your medias at nearly no performance cost.
  • Link the automatic effects to the sound input.
  • A global trace mode where the movie acts as painting brushes on the background.
  • Live video capture that can be used just as any other media type.
  • Apply time transition between media changes
  • An integrated painter allows you to draw directly to your composition and even create stop motion animation.
  • Movie scratch module
  • Special filter module which supports per parameter animation. Can be used for all Modul8, FreeFrames and CoreImage filters.
  • Very advanced multi-output system
  • Flexible BPM with midi clock support, tap, etc. that can be routed to nearly any Modul8 functionalities.
  • A network module to pilot several Modul8 over a local network
  • Mask mechanism that can be used to apply an media as a mask in front of a composition
  • Anti-aliasing (as long as it is supported by your graphic card)

Modul 8 Version 3 Crack With Keygen Full Version Download

Modul 8 Crack with Keygen System Requirements

The minimum recommended configuration is :

  • MacOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and higher Modul8 2.9 is now fully compatible with OSX 10.10 Yosemite.
  • (Modul8 V2.0.3 still available for 10.3.9 users).
  • Quicktime 7.1.3 or higher
  • Macbook 1 ghz or higher processor
  • AGP or PCI-EXPRESS 3d accelerated video card with at least 256 Mbytes of VRam
  • (Pci-express video cards is needed for multiprojection)
  • Minimum of 1GBytes of RAM.

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