MacFamilyTree 8.2.3 Download Free With Crack + Serial Key 2018

Macfamily Tree 8 Serial Key 2018 Crack Download Full Version

MacFamilyTree 8.2.3 Download Free With Crack + Serial Key 2018 is the best genealogy application you can ever have to create an amazing family tree. Who were your ancestors? How your family developed over the passage of time? These are some questions you and your family members could have sometime in life. So, the best way to present a simple answer is to create a tree and share it with others.

Macfamilytree 2018 Download Create Family Tree Crack For Mac

You are free to capture and visualize your family tree in many different ways such as drawing a chart, making a website, design a photo album, add some statistics, etc. Thanks to MacFamilyTree, you are in a position to visualize your family tree in a way you like. In case you want to make it public then creating a website seems like a great option. You can choose many different themes for this purpose.

The best sync feature comes along with this application. When you create a tree, you become the owner of it. Now it’s you who will decide who can access your data and who cannot. You would get high level security with Mac and iOS devices. You can sync and share them with other people who can only see or edit the tree. A collaborative nature project regarding your own family tree can be created. One family tree can be edited by multiple users who own different mac and iOS devices. Real time collaboration is made possible with MacFamily Tree 8 2018 new version serial key.

MacfamilyTree Full Version Crack with Key Features

Here is a list of all features which you can avail with this best geneology application for mac.


  • Create and edit an unlimited number of family trees at the same time
  • User-definable date and name formats
  • User-definable event types (About 50 predefined person event types such as birth, christening and death. About 20 predefined family event types such as engagement, marriage and divorce)
  • User-definable fact types (About 20 predefined fact types such as eye color, height and weight)
  • User-definable labels
  • Smart Filters to quickly find groups of persons (e.g. all living persons born before 1860 with at least one picture assigned)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation
  • Highly configurable charts, lists and reports

Sync & Collaborate

  • CloudTree Sync – Sync your tree across an unlimited number of devices leveraging Apple’s iCloud infrastructure
  • CloudTree Share – Collaborate right from within the app and share your family tree with other users
  • Alternatively, synchronize family trees between Macs and iOS devices using iCloud Drive (CloudTree requires macOS 10.12 Sierra or iOS 10)


  • Edit persons using classical forms or the new Interactive Tree
  • Manage families with MacFamilyTree Crack
  • Manage places (integrated coordinates lookup for place names)
  • Manage sources
  • Manage ToDos
  • Change History
  • Plausibility Tests for entered data


  • Full FamilySearch integration (optional)
  • Ordinance Sync for members of the LDS church (optional)<
  • Search on about 20 websites such as Ancestry, FindAGrave, MyHeritage…
  • Research Assistent (autogenerated questions for missing information)


  • Virtual Tree
  • Virtual Globe
  • Statistic Maps
  • Gallery
  • Family Quiz


  • Tree Chart
  • Hourglass Chart
  • Ancestor Chart
  • Double Ancestor Chart
  • Fan Chart
  • Descendant Chart
  • Timeline
  • Statistics Chart
  • Relationship Chart
  • Genogram Chart
  • Fractal Ancestor H Tree
  • Fractal Ancestor HV Tree
  • Fractal Symmetrical Tree
  • Fractal Circular Tree
  • Fractal Ancestor Tree Chart
  • Name Distribution
  • Most charts can be completely customized with many styles, orientations and options to choose from with MacFamilyTree 2018 crack with keygen.

Chart Editor:

  • Change position and rotation of chart elements
  • Edit coloring & shadows
  • Alternate fonts & labels
  • Add additional text & lines
  • Customize pagination and print a single chart to multiple pages
  • Unlimited undo & redo


  • Person Report
  • Family Group Report
  • Kinship Report
  • Map Report
  • Narrative Report
  • Ahnentafel Report
  • Descendancy Report


  • Events List
  • Distinctive Persons List
  • Plausibility Report
  • Anniversary List
  • Places List
  • Person Analysis
  • Persons List
  • Marriage List
  • ToDo List
  • Sources List


  • Create PDF files or print any of the numerous lists, charts and reports
  • Create stunning Family Tree Books
  • Create and export websites with all your data from your Family Tree (free hosting on or ftp upload to your own webserver)

GEDCOM Support:

  • Create a new family tree from an existing GEDCOM file or append a GEDCOM file to an existing family tree
  • Upon import, the format of the GEDCOM will automatically be detected (Supported formats are: ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16, MacOS Roman, Windows Latin and about 80 more formats)


  • Export your complete family tree as a GEDCOM file or just a specific set of persons
  • Supported formats: ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16, MacOS Roman, Windows Latin (Line end format: MacOS, Windows, Unix)
  • Option to hide private information or information on living people
  • Option to export pictures, movies, audio files, PDFs, URLs and notes

Database Maintenance:

  • Search & replace
  • Correct unparsable date entries
  • Adjust date formats
  • Reformat names
  • Remove empty entries
  • Correct mismatched partners in families
  • Find person dublicate
  • Optimize media


What’s new in MacFamilyTree 8 Crack with Registration Code?

Here are some new features you can enjoy in the latest version.

  • Completely new user interface
  • New and improved charts
  • Improved performance
  • Change log
  • Navigation timeline
  • Plausibility testing
  • Custom Event and Fact Types
  • Powerful new sidebar lists
  • Smart filters
  • Improved places management
  • Better FamilySearch Integration
  • unknown gender option added
  • Charts & Reports options revamped for better numerical input
  • More sorting & grouping options for the Person List report
  • Name Distribution can now be displayed for first name
  • Labels can now be displayed in all charts
  • New Events & Facts statistic chart added
  • New search sites added to the Web Research feature
  • Performance of the Media Gallery improved
  • Improved import from Apple’s Photos app
  • Person List Report option added to separate name components into different columns
  • New user manual


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